2015 Suzuki Motorcycles Lineup

Suzuki Motorcycles has commemorated its 2015 return to MotoGP competition with new colours across its sportbike lineup.

New Suzuki Motorcycles For The 2015 Riding Season.

Hope springs eternal in the breast of any biker with the promise of the 2015 riding season to come.

Focusing in on Suzuki this week, we find new bikes, new upgrades and new colours sweeping across the varied segments of Suzuki Canada?s lineup.

Suzuki struggled through the Japanese tsunami, the economic downturn and pulling out of the North American car market over the past few years.

But if you?re looking for a signal that the company is solidly on the road to recovery, it would have to be Suzuki?s resumption of serious competition in motocross and in the MotoGP series for 2015, a re-entry celebrated across its ?Gixxer? sportbike lineup.

All three of its iconic sportbikes – the GSX-R600 ($12,299), GSX-R750 ($13,199) and GSX-R1000 ($14,999) now come available with a new Suzuki Racing Blue competition colour choice, complete with graphics copying the company?s official factory racebike styling. Completing the sportbike category, the Hayabusa carries over in its own inimitable, muscle-bulging style but with new colours.

Two new burly naked bikes will be added to the standard bike segment, a niche that has exploded in popularity across Europe and is now gaining traction with new customers in North America.

The GSX-S750 series is based on the solid foundation of the GSX-R750?s four-cylinder powerplant blended with a modern chassis and cutting-edge minimalist body-styling, also featuring standard ABS braking, inverted KYB front forks, a unique triangle-shaped muffler and a combined analogue/LCD instrument package. Two flavours include the GSX-s750A in matte black ($8,699) and the GSX-S750ZA in a blue/white combo ($8,999).

Suzuki Motorcycles 2015 GSX-S750ZA

Suzuki has been showing this motorcycle alongside a larger one-litre version – the GSX-S1000 – at various international shows and the bigger bike, which was supposed to have been kept secret this year, is now scheduled to debut in Canada as a 2016 model later this summer. Pricing will be announced then.

In the adventure segment, following the styling lead of last year?s newest generation V-Strom 1000, the 2015 V-Strom 650 (officially the DL650 but affectionately dubbed the ?Wee Strom? by its cult-like following) adds the love-it-or-hate-it off-road ?beak? and new wire spoke aluminum wheels (preferred by dirt riders). A wider range of accessories is also supposed to be available soon.

Yes, you can still buy a cheaper ?un-beaked? base version V-Strom 650 ABS with cast wheels ($8,999) but new model choices range from the base version V-Strom 650X ABS XA ($9,599) to the fully-dressed V-Strom 650X ABS EXP ($11,399) complete with world traveller-styled aluminum side cases and top box, a vario windshield, engine guard, under cowling and hand guards.

All manufacturers are fighting for the attention of next-gen riders with new entry level bikes. Suzuki introduced the GW250 for 2013 and they are now offering a 2015 GW250F, which, as you might guess from the ?F? designation, adds a full fairing and windshield to this 250 cc starter bike for better rider protection from wind and weather. The GW250F ($4,499) is priced at $300 more than the naked version.

Sticking with the lightweight theme, the DR200S ($4,999) features styling revisions while the rest of the dual sport, motocross, supermoto and offroad lineups carry over with minor changes and some new hues added to the colour palette.

Cruisers also carry over with only minor colour tweaks although I must say that the 2015 Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S. looks particularly nasty in its no-nonsense blacked-out style.

Those are all of the bikes that Suzuki is willing to talk about, staying hush on the fascinatingly half-faired, turbocharged 600 cc Recursion concept that?s making the rounds of the international shows.

Ditto on the EXTRIGGER electric minibike. But, they reassure me, there should be a slate of new products debuting within the next few years.

Suzuki Canada?s ?Suzuki Dollars? discount promotion, offering discounts ranging from $200 – $2,000 on different 2012-2014 models, just ended January 2, although you might be able to sweet-talk your local dealer into a little discount of your own.

And, apparently, Suzuki Canada will also be announcing a few sale prices at The Motorcycle Show in Toronto, February 20-22.

Which, like the 2015 slate of new and re-invigorated Suzuki products and the warmer spring weather that is sure to arrive eventually, might just be worth waiting for.

Stay tuned for more Suzuki news.

Suzuki Motorcycles 2015 GSX-R1000

  • 2015 Suzuki Motorcycles Lineup
  • 2015 Suzuki Motorcycles Lineup
  • 2015 Suzuki Motorcycles Lineup
  • 2015 Suzuki Motorcycles Lineup

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