Range Rover Sport Diesel, perfect for any adventure

This large and boxy SUV is surprisingly agile in every driving situation. Its aggressive engine and off-road capabilities ensure that it can handle any type of terrain.

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I love road trips, they always bring back such fond memories. And, as a grown up, road trips are much less stressful. No kids and no arguing over music. Just me, my boyfriend and our dog. And since its just us, there is no need for a minivan. The Range Rover Sport Diesel seemed like a great choice for an adult only adventure.

I have never even been a huge fan of the exterior styling; its too boxy for my personal taste. That being said, the improved design cues both inside and out have gotten more attention from others over the last few years. Still tall and boxy, its bold lines and low stance say that this SUV is capable on any road you put in front of it. The interior is a wonderful balance of rugged, easy to use buttons and knobs all with luxurious finishes. Chrome, faux wood and soft touch materials are bountiful throughout the entire cabin.

The long seat bottoms, supportive bolstering and 14-way seat adjustments made the ten hour driving days very comfortable. Kennel for Jasper, suitcases with clothing and shoes, all of our camping equipment, cooler for food and, we still had room to comfortably fit three adults. At six-feet tall, neither head nor leg room was an issue for my guy.

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This large and boxy SUV is surprisingly agile in every driving situation. Its aggressive engine and off-road capabilities ensure that it can handle any type of terrain. Having put on just under 3,000km there wasn’t one type of road not driven. Busy city streets, steep winding highways and muddy off-road trails. At no point did we have to compromise on comfort or drivability.

The best part of this SUV would have to be the 3.0 litre V6 turbo diesel engine. With 254hp and 440lb-ft of torque not only is it agile, but its super quick and great on fuel. Cruising along at highway speeds this Range Rover feels like its doing 80 when you have it at 120. We managed to get an incredibly impressive 8.6 L/100km with about three quarters of our drive on the highways. The Td6 Diesel engine gets 23% better fuel economy over the V6 gasoline engine with approximately 32% more torque.

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The usual sound of a diesel engine is stifled by great engineering and improved insulation. I had no idea how truly successful Land Rover had been until we made our first fuel stop and my boyfriend exclaimed with surprise that he had no idea it was a diesel.

A road trip with a Range Rover wouldn’t be complete without some type of off road adventures. A long gravel, muddy road with some shallow crevices took us to our campsite one evening. The height-adjustable suspension allows it to be sure footed and confident. Off-Roading is not my specialty so we didn’t tackle anything major. That being said, I am super impressed with the All-Terain Progress Control. It adjusts everything with the throttle and traction control so you can just set the cruise, steer and this beast takes care of the rest.

The Extra Duty package includes several electronic aids and a two-speed transfer case that would be worth the extra $1300 if more rock-crawling is in your plans.


range rover sport diesel

A Perimeter Alarm, rear view camera, adjustable speed limiter device and front parking aid are all standard safety and security features on the base Sport model.

Its not often as a journalist that we get to spend so much time with one vehicle. A few features always seem like a good idea to me, but never really had a chance to fully appreciate them on shorter test drives. Automatic Headlights with High Beam Assist (AHBA) are a game changer if you drive frequently on the highway in low light conditions. It allows the driver to focus on the road and not have to worry about blinding oncoming vehicles.

If you are shopping around, figure out what is most important for your purchase. The Range Rover is the better choice if off-roading is high on your list. This boxy SUV does turn heads; styling is so subjective. The Porsche Cayenne gives you a similar vehicle with softer curves and a bit more performance during normal driving conditions. If money is your priority, maybe consider the Infiniti QX70 with its curvy exterior, though the RR performs much better on all road types.

This 10 day road trip was filled with adventure, friends and fun. Every moment spent behind the wheel was enjoyable. Starting at close to $83,000 and still coming in under $100,000 if you add on the packages you need to customize it for Comfort, Convenience or Extra Duty action, this Range Rover Sport Diesel is an ideal adult only road trip vehicle.

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