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How do I…Get a personalized license plate for my vehicle


Having a personalized licence plate is one way to express who you are while you are behind the wheel of your vehicle. It is also fairly easy to get one.

You need your licence or registrant identification number and no outstanding driving fines when you go to a ServiceOntario centre to choose two-to-eight characters (numbers and/or letters) you want on your plate. The fee is between $310 to $336.

The ServiceOntario website notes plates cannot have sexual, abusive, racist and obscene language, as well as references to a variety of subjects, such as drugs and alcohol, political opinions, criminal activity or religious meanings. Make sure your license choices are clear and readable, otherwise it will be rejected.

If you opt for a graphic plate embellished with a logo, there’s an approved list that includes everything from Ontario sports teams and community organizations to professional associations and provincial post-secondary institutions. These plates start at $82.15.

A couple organizations require you to apply for use of their logos. To get a Veteran’s plate, the Veteran Plate Eligibility Certification must be submitted. Applications must be made to the Ontario Professional Fire Fighter Association for a plate with its logo.

On the other hand, anyone can choose logos from the Anishinabek Nation, Duck’s Unlimited, Girl Guides of Canada or Queen’s Alumni graphic, for example.

“The purpose of the Graphic Licence Plate Program is to show support for the organizations that own the logos, rather than to identify membership with an organization,” wrote Praveen Senthinathan, a spokesperson with Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, in an email to the Star.

It is also possible to order a personalized licence plate as a present for someone else as long as you know their driver’s licence or registrant identification number. But what happens if the person hates it? “[They] can be returned and cancelled for a refund as long as the plates have not been registered to a vehicle at a ServiceOntario centre and have never been physically attached to a vehicle,” wrote Senthinathan.

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