Quick tips to keep your car in top shape

An automobile takes such a big bite out of our disposable income so a dedicated maintenance routine, inside and out, is always recommended for longer life, safer operation, good resale value and -- ju

report an impaired driver

How to report an impaired driver

To get the best message out to all motorists, PC Jonathan Beckett, CSO/Media Relations Officer, Caledon OPP Detachment sent the following information to clarify what the police would like motorist to

10 ways to be The Good Driver

What makes a good driver? Here are some things to look for to evaluate the attitude and awareness levels of yourself and your fellow drivers.

How to start in Vintage Mod racing

Think you might like to try Vintage Mod racing yourself? Brian Atkinson, president of Canadian Vintage Modifieds, offers a quick rundown of what it takes:

How to drive with a trailer

How to drive with a trailer

The trailer can have a profound affect on the way your vehicle handles, so it's important to ensure everything is set up properly right from the beginning.