• COPO Camaro is back after 50 years

COPO Camaro is back after 50 years

At the recent SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Chevrolet marked fifty years of the COPO Camaro which a limited edition 2019 racecar.

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LAS VEGAS, NV: An anniversary-themed 2019 COPO Camaro racecar was introduced at the recent SEMA Show to celebrate the 50-year milestone of the special order, ultimate performance models and launches the 2019 COPO Camaro program.

Featuring a special Anniversary Blue Metallic exterior colour that pays homage to the original Laguna Blue offered in 1969, the SEMA show car previews the special colour and graphics of the COPO Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Edition package offered for 2019.

A 50th Anniversary Engine Appearance Package that emulates the look of vintage Chevy performance engines, with an orange engine block, chrome valve covers and a black high-rise intake manifold, is also available for the naturally aspirated LSX-based 427 racing engine.

The 2019 COPO Camaro’s available engine lineup includes a revised version of the supercharged, LSX-based 350 engine, now featuring a 2.65-litre Magnuson supercharger as well as a 302 cu in engine. The COPO Camaro also features a distinctive and exclusive front-end design not shared with other production Camaro models.

Only 69 2019 COPO Camaro racecars will be built — the same number of 1969 COPO Camaro models built with the all-aluminum 427 ZL1 engine.

Customers can register for a chance to purchase a 2019 COPO Camaro at www.chevrolet.com/performance/copo-camaro.

COPO Camaro is back after 50 years

The 1969 COPO Camaro was a special-order performer. Only 69 were built with the all-aluminum ZL1 427 Big Block engine.

COPO Camaro history:

The COPO Camaro program got its start in 1969 and was inspired by Illinois-based Chevrolet dealer Fred Gibb, who used the company’s special order system to build what wasn’t already offered in the Camaro.

Typically, the COPO system was used for fleet vehicle services such as special paint or truck equipment, but Gibb used it to equip the Camaro with the all-aluminum ZL1 427 racing engine.

With its lightweight block and heads, the ZL1 427 engine weighed about 100 lb less than the iron-based 396 Big Block engine offered in the Camaro and produced more power. It was the perfect solution for the drag strip.

COPO Camaro is back after 50 years

Chevrolet celebrates the 50th anniversary of the COPO Camaro at the 2018 SEMA Show, with the 2019 COPO Camaro race car, a vintage 1969 COPO Camaro and the electrified eCOPO Concept.

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