Ford Performance Offering Off-Road Kits for F-150 and Ranger

Catch a Lift.

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy September 18, 2019

Seeking to cash in on the propensity of truck owners to modify their rigs after leaving the dealer lot, Ford has decided to offer suspension levelling and tuning kits for their best-selling F-150 and little-bro Ranger pickups.

Ford says this is the first time they’ve offered this type of after-purchase accessory, a claim jiving with your author’s long-term memory about pickup trucks in this country. The off-road leveling kits bring Fox shocks, tuning by Ford Performance, a 2-inch front lift, new front coilovers, vehicle-specific upper front mounts, and locking spring pre-load rings.

This is a big deal for Blue Oval off-road fans. Until now, absent of popping for the bucks-deluxe Raptor, they’ve had to make do with the company’s FX4 trim for their ‘wheeling fun. This new kit brings the goods, including those tasty Fox shock bodies designed to provide ample cooling capacity over rough terrain. Unique internal valving on these suspenders, developed by Ford and Fox in partnership, should provide a solid extra dose of hairy-chested off-road capability.

Results are also measurable beyond the seat-of-the-pants butt dyno. After installing this kit, both Ranger and F-150 will see improvements to front ground clearance, plus better approach and breakover angles. Ranger sees an approximate 21 percent increase in approach angle and a 10 percent increase in breakover, while the F-150 with a 145-inch wheelbase sees an approximate 22 percent increase in approach angle and 7 percent increase in breakover angle. For those not versed in off-road terminology, this basically means the trucks can drive over more stuff without busting up their undersides.

2019 Ford Ranger lift kit

2019 Ford F-150 lift kit

Why is Ford offering this equipment? Your author believes there are a pair of reasons. First and foremost, Chevrolet quietly allows dealers to install Trail Boss off-road equipment (gear very similar to what Ford announced today) on any trim of the Silverado, meaning one can theoretically buy a snazzy High Country kitted with off-road prowess. By offering this new option, Ford effectively does the same thing. An F-150 Limited with a two-inch levelling suspension and Fox Shocks is a very tasty proposition, indeed.

The other reason? Money, of course. If customers can roll the cost of this accessory into their purchase or lease, it will increase the F-150’s average purchase price, allowing the Glass House to revel in extra profits and once again tout rising transaction amounts on their best-selling pickup.

The kits are designed to be installed at the dealer on any 2019 Ranger 4×4 or 2015-19 F-150 4×4. Kits come with a Ford Performance Parts limited warranty and will likely be priced in the ballpark of about $2000. If you’re interested, a Ford dealer will have all the details.