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Good News, You Can Now Rent an R34 GT-R 

Forget the slots and magic shows. This is the real reason to take a trip to Las Vegas.

Chris D'Alessandro By: Chris D'Alessandro February 6, 2020

We human beings have an inexplicable attraction to the forbidden. It’s one thing if something is rare, but quite another when you’re simply not allowed to have it.

The urge to procure the seemingly unattainable is amplified by fantasization. In this case, fantasization fueled by video games and some very cheesy, very neon movies from the early 2000s.

For millennials, on the whole, we didn’t grow up fantasizing about rare muscle cars or high-end exotics. Our “unobtainable car” wasn’t a Hemi ‘Cuda or Lamborghini.

What we dreamed about were cars like the Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Maybe because we couldn’t have them. Maybe because of media exposure. Maybe because we were rebelling against our elders with their big American V-8s and the elites who had screwed us over by the time we entered college.

R34 GT-R

The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is the 20-foot-long great white shark of cars—at least, as far as North America is concerned. Are they out there? Yeah. But finding and getting close to one seems near impossible. They live more in our imaginations than anywhere else, and sometimes it seems like it will be that way forever.

Enter Rent JDM, a wish-fulfilling, Las Vegas-based exotic rental company that’s catering to a generation which knows a 2JZ-powered Toyota Supra blows the doors off of a Ferrari any day.

With a stable of 90s JDM icons, Rent JDM is a rental car company dedicated to fulfilling the Fast and Furious dreams of a whole generation of 90s babies. Heck, they even have a Supra painted just like Brian’s car in the movie. Pretty smart business strategy, we say.

Rent JDM

Also amongst the collection is a Suzuki Cappuccino, a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R, a Mazda RX-7, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II, and a few different generations of Skylines, including an R32 GT-R and ‘72 ‘Hakosuka’.

The crown jewel? Arguably the 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Notably, this white R34 GT-R is an official MotorRex car that was imported in 1999—essentially, the only shop able to bring U.S. citizens a federally legal Skyline back in the day. They estimate this R34 is one of 15 cars legally imported at the time.

Rent JDM opens in April and the R34 will be one of the vehicles available for rent upon opening its doors.

Better book your plane tickets now.


white R34 GT-R 1999