Honda Reveals Sharper, Yellower, Limited Edition Civic Type R

Yes, Canada will be getting its allotment of these limited Type Rs.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 20, 2020

To go along with the 2020 Civic Type R’s new looks and revised suspension, some special editions are coming for MY 2021. The first is a Limited Edition that Honda calls the “purest Type R to date,” and it’s a lightweight track day special. The second is a Type R for drivers who want something a little more subtle than the big-wing, bold red standard car. The question is, will we see either of them in Canada?

Honda seems really serious about the track-ready performance of the Limited Edition CTR. We’re used to marketing puffery, but “the ultimate street-legal Type R track machine,” is a tough statement to ignore. So what do buyers get with this special?

For a start, new BBS wheels are forged aluminum and drop a little over 8 kg from the car’s curb weight. Dropping some more bits, including the rear wiper, tonneau cover, and the heater ducts that direct warm air to rear-seat passengers helps drop another 13 kg. Buyers in Europe can look forward to even less weight, for a total of 47 kg trimmed from the car by removing the air conditioning and infotainment system. Who needs those, right?

A recalibrated steering system and specially tuned dampers help to make the 306 hp Civic sharper on track, and for looks the cars get a special new Phoenix yellow paint job (a shade that will be known to Honda fans) that’s exclusive to the edition and contrast gloss black paint on the roof, mirrors, and hood intake. Honda has said that 600 of the cars will be built for the U.S., along with 100 for Europe. They’ll be individually numbered with plaques in the car. And yes, Canada will be getting the Type R Limited Edition, and we’re getting the same number as all of Europe.

2020 Honda Civic Type R

The other special Type R is, we suspect, Euro-only since it hasn’t been mentioned for the U.S. either. The Sport Line gets a much shorter rear spoiler in place of the massive rear wing of the standard R. 19-inch wheels wear a slightly milder tire for more comfort and while the Limited Edition loses sound deadening to save weight, the Sport Line gets more of it. Black upholstered seats replace the bright red standard buckets but still get red trim. We like that because while it’s a signature of the car, the Type R’s red seats can be a bit much.

Finally, a new Type R data acquisition system called LogR is coming for the 2020 cars. It uses a smartphone app to capture sensor data from phone and car to show you how to improve your driving. There’s a performance monitor, logging mode, and auto score mode that teaches you to be smoother in all driving.

Honda Canada hasn’t announced the launch date yet, and we’ll get pricing down the road as well.