Lamborghini Now Offering Certified Pre-Owned, No Word on Wacky Waving Inflata-Bulls

Your local Lamborghini dealer might have just what you're looking for. A used hypercar with a bumper to bumper warranty.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 8, 2019

A new Lamborghini can be a pretty amazing purchase. Whether it’s the performance that you want or the looks that you get when you idle it around town. With expensive cars come expensive repairs, though, meaning that second-hand models might be enough to frighten you off. Lamborghini’s got you covered now, though. They’ve just launched Selezione Lamborghini Certified Pre-Owned.

The company is selling more new cars, especially since the launch of the Urus crossover. To try and help keep those vehicles turning over, they’re bringing CPO to Lambo, giving you a bit more piece of mind with your used Aventador.

“This is an important new program to support the growing volume of pre-owned Lamborghini cars sold through the authorized dealer network,” said Automobili Lamborghini Chief Commercial Officer, Federico Foschini. “In line with our growing production volumes, an increasing number of clients are deciding to buy into the Lamborghini marque, both new and pre-owned models. The purpose of Selezione Lamborghini is to now make these standards also available for those who want to take the first significant step into the Lamborghini world with the purchase of a pre-owned Lamborghini.”

Of course not any old Lamborghini will qualify for CPO. For a start, they need to have no more than 70,000 km for cars or 100,000 for the Urus. And be no older than 84 months for cars or 120 for the SUV. So no, you can’t get a CPO Countach or Miura. The cars also have to have followed OEM scheduled maintenance.

pre-owned lamborghini

What do you get with a CPO Raging Bull? It’s not that far off of what you’d get with a CPO Honda. 12-month minimum of warranty, which will likely be the big draw. And it can be extended. Or it can be transferred to the next owner, with no additional charge. Roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty is a pretty nice perk too.

So if you’ve been eyeing that Aventador, but your budget says LP 700 not SVJ, then your local Lamborghini dealer might have just what you’re looking for. A used hypercar with a bumper to bumper warranty. That should sound just as good as a new one.