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Lincoln HUD Lights up the Night

Lincoln’s advanced head-up display is the biggest and brightest in its class allowing it to be visible in bright sunlight and dark nights.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca December 30, 2017

Lincoln’s all-new head-up display provides superior visibility for drivers of its all-new Lincoln Navigator and Lincoln Continental.

The advanced technology underpinning the clearest and brightest head-up display from any automaker not only allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel, it works to ensure each and every journey is effortless.

Ingenuity in design makes for a customizable display that complements the digital cluster – incorporating the same groundbreaking digital light processing technology used in movie theaters.

Right from the start, creating a harmonious driving environment was a blended effort by Ford’s user experience, design studio and engineering groups.

The teams worked to design a state-of-the-art system that puts information drivers want and need most front and center – from navigation prompts to incoming call alerts.

It serves to assist rather than distract, offering information in an immediate yet unobtrusive manner.

head-up display

The technology works on a tiny chip that contains 400,000 sturdy mirrors, each with a pixel refresh rate of up to 5,000 hertz operating in synchronized movement to control the system’s optics.

In full color, this cutting-edge display appears to actually float just above the vehicle’s hood

Designers emphasized a reduction of screen clutter and focused on the timing and size of the information displayed.

Chosen information is displayed only when it’s relevant, and as its importance increases, the physical placement and size of the information presented becomes more prominent.

So while current speed and speed limit, as well as time and range are displayed consistently at the lower edge of the screen, should the driver receive a call or a navigation prompt is needed, this information is displayed clearly and brightly with greater prominence.

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