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More Ford Bronco Photos Surface

These latest photos come from theraptorconnection on Instagram.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams March 11, 2020

Just hours after the Bronco Sport leaked in a series of photos online, pictures of what seemed to be the new full-size Bronco also leaked. But while those first ones weren’t the clearest, even more have trickled out online that give us an excellent look at Ford’s new off-roader.

The first one to surface was a glimpse of a Bronco with the top off, but better ones have come since then that really let us see the new model. They’re still a bit grainy but, frankly, it’s dark inside a factory, especially if you’re not supposed to have a camera with you, let alone use it.

These latest photos come from theraptorconnection on Instagram, a Raptor-themed account on the site for a Texas-based Ford dealer that looks to move a lot of Ford Raptor pickups. The photos show quite clearly a multi-piece hardtop that also looks to have integrated roof racks. You can see a line at the back of the front doors and another behind the rear doors that looks to make it at least a three-piece top. Much easier to remove than a giant one-piece roof and possibly able to come off at the front while leaving the rear on like in the Jeep Wrangler.

Bronco Sport

That means we’ve now seen at least three different tops since the earlier four-door model looked like it had a cloth roof with plastic rear windows and there is also a two-door version that had a body-colour roof.

We can also see the beefy bumpers front and rear as well as grey plastic wheel well arches, all the better for taking off-road abuse and avoiding nature’s pinstripers. These wheels and tires are certainly less aggressive than what looks to be a Raptor-spec combination on the photos of the white Bronco seen late Monday night. You can also see what look to be lifting lugs, or at least tie-down straps, starting from the top of the grille and running up just over the bend in the front fenders. A Wrangler-like tailgate-mounted spare tire is also clearly visible mounted on the swinging rear door.

We’re not sure when exactly the new Bronco will be revealed, but we have heard that as of yet the date hasn’t been moved because of COVID-19 concerns. We expect to see the full Bronco and get all the details, sometime later this month.

Source: Bronco6G.com