• Morgan Plus Four CX-T

Morgan Transforms Plus Four Into AWD Off-Roader

Only eight of the Morgan Plus Four CX-T will be produced.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams August 6, 2021

This could be the most modern vehicle that Morgan Motor has ever built. It might also be the most expensive, and it is definitely the one that is the most capable of going beyond a British back lane to conquer nearly anything the planet can throw at it.

If you thought a Jeep was the most old-school off-roader around, the Morgan Plus Four CX-T puts it to shame. It’s a Morgan Plus Four that uses loads of custom bodywork and an entirely bespoke suspension system, along with some help from Rally Raid UK, to make it more capable in the dirt and on the rocks.

Morgan Plus Four CX-T

Based on the all-aluminum CX chassis that Morgan introduced in 2019, this starts by binning the rear bodywork and replacing it with a new load carrying compartment. Look in the new boot and you’ll find a pair of full-size spare tires and wheels that match the all-terrain rubber fitted to the car. There’s an aluminum toolbox back there, a pair of Pelican waterproof luggage cases, and two 11L containers that can hold spare gas or drinking water, depending on where you’re going and how far it is.

The exoskeleton roll cage holds even more stuff. Like the doors, for example. It can also hold a bike or a surfboard as well as offering protection should you push the CX-T too far and end up turning turtle.

A coilover suspension from EXE Competition Suspension, the same group that has nine WRC-winning cars to its name, lifts the Morgan enough to allow 230 mm of underbody clearance. Modified wishbones from the Plus Six push the wheels out further for a wider track and the suspension assemblies use internal bump stops and have been made more rugged to handle a beating.

Morgan Plus Four CXT

The 255 hp BMW four has been fitted with BMW’s xDrive AWD system. The xDrive controller allows Road mode where the differential is open, or All-Terrain with 45 per cent lock, and Extreme with a fully locked rear end for bad road grip. Underbody plating protects the oil pan and driveline as well as the suspension, with a new side-exit exhaust helping to keep the car from getting hung up on obstacles.

Open that left-side pannier and you’ll find recovery gear. Look more closely, and the air intake is inside as well, protecting it from dust and water.

Even inside, the CX-T is ready for nearly anything you can throw at it. There is a cool bag in the footwell, a map holder kit, and a RAM mount track on the dash to hold gear and cameras or lights.

Morgan Four Plus CXT

Why is Morgan going off-road now? The company says they’ve been doing it all along. Starting off in Trials competitions as far back as 1911, putting the cars through punishing conditions in search of a trophy. So, it just makes sense that the brand has returned to its roots. Welcome to the dirt.

If you want one, they’re building eight. And the price tag starts at £170,000.