Rogue ostrich causes traffic chaos

Runaway leads officials on wild goose chase in Zhangzhou City, China

A rogue ostrich went on a wild but short-lived tear through the busy streets of Zhangzhou City, China, during rush hour, causing traffic chaos and becoming an international YouTube celebrity along the way. (Video below.)

While astonished onlookers gaped and took photos, the runaway ostrich darted through traffic at breakneck pace, stopping only when it was struck by a car, the U.K.’s Guardian reported.

It lay motionless for several seconds before jumping up to run off again as if nothing had happened.

Footage of the runaway bird racing like it was late for an appointment aired on state television, along with comments from officials admitting the creature gave them a hard time because they had “no previous experience dealing with ostriches.”

The runaway had a good four-mile jog before it was eventually captured and has been taken in by a zoo in China’s southeast. CBS News reports that it escaped from a different zoo in Zhanghzhou.

The bird suffered a wing injury but is expected to fully recover.

Video: Functional wings would have come in handy here

  • Rogue ostrich causes traffic chaos

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