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The 2020 Chevrolet Camaro Gets a Badly-needed Facelift

The bowtie is back where it belongs

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy May 2, 2019

You know when a friend gets a really bad haircut? Or your spouse comes home after microblading their eyebrows only to look as if they’ve been attacked with a Sharpie? That’s roughly analogous to the horrified reaction most gearheads had when Chevy unveiled the 2019 Camaro SS last year. With the bowtie inexplicably placed on its lower bumper bar, it had a drawn out and derpy face only a mother could slug.

After months of online vitriol, GM has pulled a u-turn and placed the bowtie back where it belongs. The car you see before you is the 2020 Camaro, a fresh recipient of (much needed) styling updates and a raft of new options.

In addition to the new-and-improved schnoz on the SS, a new V8 trim called the LT1 merges the design and content of the LT and SS models. It is powered by the barrel-chested 455hp mill and available with either the six-speed manual or new ten-speed automatic. Eagle-eyed spotters will distinguish an LT1 by its LT styling and SS hood, black bowties, and 20-inch SS style wheels. Pricing wasn’t announced for Canada but checks in at just $34,995 in America.

Elsewhere in the 2020 Camaro lineup, a newly available 10-speed automatic transmission is now matched with the 3.6L V6 engine in Camaro LT models. It’s based on the 10-speed design offered in the Camaro SS and ZL1 but tailored for the performance parameters of the six-pot.

2020 Camaro

Additional 2020 updates include a new exterior colour called Rally Green and a smattering of mix-em-up styling selections so buyers can further customize their new Camaro. The RS spoiler will now be available on the LS and LT, for example, along with those natty dark tinted tail lamps formerly reserved for high-zoot models. The LT also gains access to the Recaro seats, painted brake calipers, and 20-inch forged aluminium wheels.

There is also a good bit of kit which was once solely offered on the hi-po ZL1 trim that is now available across the range such as red seat belts (yes, that matters) and alloy pedals. Also note that customers can spec a 3LT model with the 2.0L turbo engine but anyone who buys a Camaro and doesn’t check the box for a V8 needs to have their license revoked.

The 2020 Camaro lineup goes on sale early this fall, with production at General Motors’ Lansing Grand River Assembly facility in Michigan.

2020 Camaro