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Used Car Myths Busted

Join the Momjo Mamas as they head to Haldimand Motors, one of Ontario's largest used car dealerships, to BUST some used car myths.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca December 14, 2017

Used cars can represent incredible value but buying one can also be a daunting proposition.

It costs a lot of money, they are fraught with unknowns and sometimes sales people can be pushy and dishonest. They can seem to be more concerned with selling everything on their lot rather than ensuring the customer is leaving with a great car that won’t end up broken on the side of the highway a few days later, spewing a cloud of steam.

As with everything today there are more choices than ever before and not all used cars and used car dealerships are equal.

Join the #MomjoMamas as they head to Haldimand motors – one of the largest used car dealerships in Ontario – and attempt to answer some of the questions and bust the myths of buying used.

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