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How a digital provider is changing the car insurance landscape

Find your perfect policy- some call it love at first site.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca November 9, 2021

Every driver – new or experienced – needs to be covered by insurance. But not enough of us understand that, just as drivers differ greatly, not all coverage is the same.  And not all customer service is the same. We asked Onlia CEO Pieter Louter some of the obvious — and not so obvious — questions about how technology and customer service has changed for insurance, and what these changes mean for you, the customer. Any time is a good time to examine your insurance needs and find the best fit for you. Onlia makes it easy.

Q: How do I ensure I’m getting the right insurance for me?

A: An understanding all of your insurance coverages is integral to purchasing the perfect policy. So be sure to do your research on what’s out there, and what protection is best for you.

Some providers — like Onlia — offer resources to help you better understand insurance in Ontario. Our Safe + Sound Magazine houses a number of articles that talk about the different types of coverages for car and home, what they include, and when you might need them.

Look for an insurer that uses clear and simple language to describe coverages. Insurance jargon can weigh down policy documents, but not all providers bury their coverage in hard to decipher language.

Q: What are the different types of insurance that pertain to different types of drivers?

A: The type of driver you are doesn’t necessarily inform the type of insurance you need, but it may inform the extra coverages and endorsements you opt for. Mandatory coverage in Ontario will include things like liability coverage, accident benefits, and direct compensation for property damage. Things like accident and ticket forgiveness are popular add-ons, as well as coverage for rental vehicles.

Learn more about different types of car insurance on Onlia’s Safe + Sound Magazine.

Q: What are the benefits of buying direct?

A: Insurance has changed over the past 30 years. Sales used to take place in-person, through the mail or over the phone. Now this has moved online. Direct insurance with Onlia means the consumer has complete access to their policy and can change coverages with flexibility as needed. Many consumers will compare prices with aggregators, just like they do when buying a flight. By using aggregators to compare quotes, a consumer can collect information from a wide variety of companies, potentially getting a better price and making it easier to choose. As a consumer, you are in control of this process, and in the end, it saves time, gives you more information, and makes the whole process more efficient.

It’s a naturally more hands-on process — customers are closer to the product that they’re buying, which means they’ll be more in tune with their needs. By looking over a clearly worded policy themselves, they’ll have more opportunity to customize their policy to their individual needs. Life changes often and quickly, and your insurance should be able to do the same. Customers can make policy changes from their desktop or mobile phone in a matter of minutes, allowing them the flexibility to choose the protection they truly need.

Moreover, Onlia has sped up the underwriting process using sophisticated tools to analyze different data sources including weather patterns, government records (MTO records etc.). This means that less inputs are needed from customers to complete a quote — with more automated data, customers are ultimately provided a better quote based on the data sets. Time is money, right?

Q: How is direct service different than working with a broker or a salesperson?

A: Buying direct means that you’ll have 24/7 unfettered access to your policy online. No phone calls or paperwork required. Digital and direct insurers like Onlia give clients the opportunity to purchase and manage their policy themselves, all online — from making account changes like adding a new driver or bundling a home. Customers are in complete control of their insurance when they choose to buy direct.

Q: Anything else to add?

A: Just because our product is designed to be self-serve doesn’t mean you’re on your own, on your insurance journey.

Onlia has a team of trained specialists available online or by the phone to answer any questions for a more personal touch. During regular business hours, questions are answered by real people on social media, in Google My Business, through direct message and on the phone. But there’s also a robust FAQ and chatbot that’s always working. We are always ready to help navigate to make sure customers are supported.